Let the Fun Begin!!

It's November and we are all getting into the holiday spirit. Thanksgiving is only a couple weeks away and this means time to get our homes ready!  As you begin preparing for all the friends and family that will be visiting, here are a few helpful tips to get you going.

  • Create a quite zone in your home.  A place where a child could retreat to when things get a little to busy for them.  Some toys, coloring books and a new pack of crayons, pillow and blanket with a television playing a children's classic holiday movie, will all help.
  • Pets need a little extra attention too.  We are so busy with the preparation work we don't often have time to do the "daily routine" with our pets.  Take a moment to give them a little extra dose of attention and maybe a new toy! This will help sooth those frayed nerves and let them know they are still very much loved.
  • Allergy free home.  If you are having guests, please be sure to inquire about any allergies they may have.  Something as simple as a scented candle or a bowl of nuts could cause a severe allergic reaction.  Better safe than sorry this season.
  • No Phones Allowed.  LOL! Take a moment to ask each guest as they arrive to turn off their cell phones while visiting.  Now is the time to be chatting, laughing and reminicing about times past, without hearing those phones beeping, chiming and ringing!
  • The Thankful Bowl.  Hand each guest a small piece of paper and a pencil. Ask them to jot down in one simple sentence or even a single word, something they are thankful for, then toss it into a bowl on your table.  Later, you could have the children all take turns reading each one.


Take the time to enjoy your family and friends.  Laugh hard, smile lots, share uplifting stories too.  It is a time of rejoicing, giving thanks and enjoying each others company.

Until next time,

~ Joanna

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