Kitchen Towels, the essential for all homes.

Remember growing up, there was always a towel in the kitchen "just for dishes"?

Then there was the all purpose towel, dry hands, brush crumbs from the counter to the sink, carry those pea shells to the compost pile.  

I remember those days like it was yesterday. In keeping with this fond memory, some new towels are arriving in store starting today!  Each is created with a genuine homespun towel with our vintage fabric accent added to give a touch of country to our farmhouse decorating styles.

Available in an assortment of colors with two different style bands. One pays tribute to the cheerished honeybees and the other to our love of gardening. These will stand up to anything you decide to use them for. They last for years and always look great.

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Kitchen Towels, the essential for all homes.  

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