Wow!! It's finally here. . . SPRING!!  Like a long lost friend we are so excited to see. Such a welcomed sight after a long winter.  This means our thoughts are on spring cleaning, adding lighter colors to our homes. 

GiftsandHomeDecorUS Spring Colors

We have been very busy and will be releasing M-A-N-Y new product in April. Lighter colors and new sizes!  After receiving several custom orders and a special note from a loyal customer, our toilet paper covers will come in 2 sizes. Standard to fit your 4 1/2" x 4" size rolls and Large to fit the slightly larger rolls measuring 5 1/4" by 4".  Not to worry, if you have a jumbo size roll, we still accept custom orders for those as well.

GiftsandHomeDecorUS Bathroom Sets

Many of you have asked for a tissue box cover, well starting in April, we will be offering our Bathroom Sets.  Two covers, one for your toilet paper and one for your tissue box.  

GiftsandHomeDecorUS Plastic Bag Holders

You have loved our Plastic Bag Holders so much. . . we sold out. .  completely!! Not to worry, we are busy restocking the shelves with your favorites, along with our new designs.

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GiftsandHomeDecorUS Owner, Joanna Vaughan

SPRING!!  Enjoy your spring cleaning and decorating and I will be in touch with all our VIP Club Members with our first Spring Special!